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Environment (ARANYA)
  Every citizen has a right to clean and green environment. Furthermore, it has always ensured that the manufacturing units are well-equipped with the environment-friendly pollution control equipment.    
  To enhance the greenery group has planted 1000 plants in the project villages and in the offices and schools of Latehar, Chandwa and Balumath
Cash-crop plantation
  Plantation of the Jatropha will reduce the use of petro-chemicals and reduces the vehicular pollution. With this mission group had supported the plantation of Jatropha as a cash-crop. So far 3000 plants are planted in the project area and plantation of 10,000 is under process.
Damodar mahotsav
  To save the life line of Jharkhand i.e. Damodar river Damodar Mahotsav was organized in the Jharkhand. Group is participated in the same with great interest.
Dustbin placement
  To help in drive Clean Chandwa-Green Chandwa group had placed 30 dustbins in all over Chandwa. The Alaodiya village where group had placed the Dustbins was selected as Nirmal Gram and got President Medal.
  Initiatives for Maintaining Environment standards at Ferro-Alloys division 
The Pollution Control System for all three Submerged Electric Arc Furnaces in the ferro-alloys division of Corporate Ispat alloys Limited are designed with separate De-dusting Systems comprising with Fume Extraction Duct, Combustion Chamber cum Spark Arrestor, Forced Draught Heat Exchanger type Gas Cooler, Reverse Pulse Jet cleaning “Superjet” type Bag Filter Unit & Centrifugal ID Fan with Multi Vane inlet Damper actuated by pneumatic Cylinder and Stack. SPM level of emissive gas from Stack measured by Pollution Control Board is always within 100 mg/NM3. The efforts are not just restricted to these only. It has also taken initiatives for the social upliftment of the region.
  Abhijeet Foundation isthus committed towards its social cause and is continuously striving to discharge its social responsibility as and when it is possible.  
Thrust Area
Sustainable Livelihood
Social Upliftment
  "Committed to empower the communities in our project areas through continuous value creation in the areas of Education, Sustainable Livelihood, Healthcare, Social Upliftment, Infrastructure and Community Development and Environment"  
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