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Abhijeet Group firmly believes that Corporates have a special and continuing responsibility towards the society  and they need to commit  themselves in making a positive difference to the society. Thus Abhijeet Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Abhijeet Group, came into existence with the objective of fulfilling the social responsibility of the company by supporting, encouraging and empowering the underprivileged sections of society. Promoted by Abhijeet Group, the Foundation offers the promise of a better tomorrow, through its projects across India.

Abhijeet Foundation is committed to empower the people. It believes that the real philanthropy is not in Giving but Empowering. This and only this will enable people to firmly stand on their feet and achieve sustainable development. Thus, by channelising resources for capability building the foundation  would ensure that people have the wherewithal to make both ends meet which would lead to all round development of the society. In a nutshell, the foundation believes that "Give a hungry man fish for a day, he will eat it and the next day, he would be hungry again. Instead if you teach him how to fish, he would be able to feed himself and his family for a lifetime."

Our empowerment activities take a 6 prong approach with a single-minded focus of achieving an all-round development and holistic improvement of lives of the communities around our plants located mostly in distant rural areas and tribal belts. Our focus areas are education, sustainable livelihood, healthcare, social upliftment, infrastructure and environment.

Through creating opportunities and working towards an empowered society, Abhijeet Foundation has made small, but effective strides in its 6 designated  areas. in a short span of time. . The Foundation has undertaken various initiatives  from providing medical facilities to remote rural areas to adoption of schools in villages and  aiding orphans and street children. It has  undertaken a  massive program of providing training to the unemployed through establishment of Industrial Training institutes.    Other activities include the reconstruction of old school buildings, setting up of electrification programs  and supporting movements to preserve our tradition and culture.   

Committed to empower the communities in our project areas through continuous value creation in the sphere/areas of education, sustainable livelihood, healthcare, social upliftment, infrastructure and environment.

Initiatives taken by Abhijeet Foundation

The foundation focuses on 6 main areas: Education, Sustainable livelihood, Healthcare, Social upliftment, Infrastructure and Environment.   

Abhijeet Foundation’s Mission : 

 Education    Sustainable Livelihood    Healthcare
Education and literacy are the key factor to ensure economic empowerment. According to a World Bank Report, the levels of achievement in the Indian education system are low and millions of children in the school going age group are out of schools.    According to a recent report of National Sample Survey Orgnisation   the unemployment rate on Current daily Status basis has increased  from  7.32 per cent in 1999-2000  to 8.30 per cent in 2004-05  which is an area of greatest concern for all of us.   India ranks at 127 position in the Human Development Index due to its poor infrastructure in the health sector. India has performed very poorly in Public Health which is revealed by the facts that many Indians do not get clean drinking water
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 Infrastructure    Social Upliftment    Environment
The economic and social progress of any country is a function of its infrastructural development. India needs to ensure that each and every village of the country gets proper electricity and is connected by road & rail networks, then only it can achieve empowerment.   Complete empowerment is only possible by social upliftment of the masses. In this regard Abhijeet Foundation has appointed  The NGO Citizen Foundation for survey of the 20 villages of project and surrounding area.   Every citizen has a right to clean and green environment. Furthermore, it has always ensured that the manufacturing units are well-equipped with the environment-friendly pollution control equipment.
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EC Letter of KPL  18/04/2013
Environment Clearance compliance report for the period from October 2012 to March 2013 for M/s Abhijeet MADC Nagpur Energy Pvt Ltd  30/03/2013
Six monthly compliance report on EC conditions - Abhijeet Ferrotech Limited, Visakhapatnam  23/03/2013
Six Monthly Compliance Report - Abhijeet Ferrotech Limited  15/03/2013
Environment Clearance compliance report for the period from October 2011 to Sept 2012 for M/s Abhijeet MADC Nagpur Energy Pvt Ltd.  11/03/2013
Environmental clearance compliance report for period from ARP 2012 to SEPT 2012 for Corporate Ispat Alloy Ltd Ferro Alloys Division Durgapur Vide EC No.:-F No J-11011/780/2007-IA  09/03/2013
MOEF Environmental Clearance Compliance Status Report (Period April-2012 to September-2012) - M/s ABHIJEEET INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED, Seraikela-Kharsawan  16/01/2013
MOEF Environmental Clearance Compliance Status Report (Period April’2012 to September’2012) - CORPORATE ISPAT ALLOYS LIMITED (CIAL), Seraikela-Kharsawan  16/01/2013
EC COMPLIANCE STATUS (FOR THE PERIOD APRIL 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2012) - Corporate Power Limited (Phase-I), Chandwa - 2 X 270 MW TPP  16/01/2013
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