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Infrastructure (MUSKAN)
  The economic and social progress of any country is a function of its infrastructural development. India needs to ensure that each and every village of the country gets proper electricity and is connected by road & rail networks, then only it can achieve empowerment.      
An 'Akhara'
  An 'Akhara'- (a stage), was constructed in the Nawatoli village, Chandwa and was gifted to the villagers so that they can have the joy of celebrating their festivals and events together.
  The electrification from Chandwa to Balumath was a giant step towards the development of the project area. The  electrification activities included five major points:
1 The laying down of the foundation stone on the 1st February’07 was the first step towards the electrification process. It was done by the MLA Shree Prakash Ram on the request of the group.
  2 The Electrification from Kudu to Chandwa took 5 months for the completion. The distance of 22 km was covered by the constant dedication of the Electrical Department of the Abhijeet group.
  3 On 1st July’07 the 33 KVA sub-station at Chandwa was handed-over to the Jharkhand State Electricity Board by the state chief minister Mr. Madhu Koda. The total expenditure for this project was approximately Rs. 12 crores .
  4 The constant dedication and hard-work of the Abhijeetians was appreciated all over and the public of Chandwa showed appreciation to the group people .The Electrification not only improve the electrification at Chandwa but also at the Balumath .
  5 The group believes in constant improvement, is further busy in the electrification of the Balumath. The 21 Km long line work is under progress and is to be finished by the end of the October.
Offices in-auguration.
  To perform the group activities in planned manner and to enhance the contact to all the officials and villagers three offices are situated in Latehar, Chandwa and Balumath. The offices are well furnished and are well equipped with all advanced features like:
  1 Video-conferencing.
  2 SAP
  3 DIA connectivity
  4 Wireless communication
  All of the staffs of all three offices are equipped with the telephone and computers at all the three places. 
Fencing at Bana
  The fencing at Bana along with the construction of the security shed has been completed.
Well construction
  For meeting the requirements of drinking water a well is constructed at Dhadhu. It is well watered and is supposed to meet the drinking water requirements of the villagers.
Well repairing
  Kharatia, Navatoli and Chakla are the three villages where well repairing is undertaken and completed. This enhanced the available drinking water in the villages. Installation of Lot kudi for easy intake of water from the wells was also done at three places.
Hand-pump repairing
  In the 7 project villages almost 90 hand-pumps were repaired in last four months. All these hand pumps are situated in Chitarpur, Hempur, Dhadhu, Chakla, Murgaon, Nagar, Bhainsadon. Besides of these 7 villages, hand-pumps were repaired at Ambatand, Chatro, Kusumtoli, Parwa-Haraiya, Lohsingra, Navatoli, Khajuriyatand, Makaiyatand etc.
Construction of bath closures
  For bathing purpose three plate-forms surrounded by the walls were constructed at the community well in Navatoli, Kharatiya and Chakla
Beautification of the Ranchi Airport
  At the Ranchi airport airside garden is developed for the beautification of the airport.
Durgapur unit
  For neighboring village water pond is made, street lights are provided and in & outside the factory greenery (flower gardens) is maintained.
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Sustainable Livelihood
Social Upliftment
  "Committed to empower the communities in our project areas through continuous value creation in the areas of Education, Sustainable Livelihood, Healthcare, Social Upliftment, Infrastructure and Community Development and Environment"  
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