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Social Upliftment (PRAGATI)
  Complete empowerment is only possible by social upliftment of the masses. In this regard Abhijeet Foundation has appointed  The NGO Citizen Foundation for survey of the 20 villages of project and surrounding area.        
Temple at Bhainsadon
  The construction of Shiv temple at Bhainsadon is under progress.
At Gaytri mandir
  The GM (project) has inaugurated the yoga camp in Gayatri Mandir at Chandwa and specified the requirement of yoga fro heading the healthy life. The Gaytri Mandir is also supported for the yagya in the Chandwa locality.
Surhul Puja
  The group has participated in the surhul puja by financial assistance for celebration of the occasion.
The Chat Puja
  The prestigious Chat Puja was celebrated with the great enthusiasm by the group in the Chandwa locality.
Karma Puja
  For celebration of the Karma Puja group have constructed an akhra in Chakla village, provided mandar (musical instrument) and same is celebrated in the office premises also.
1  RTI workshop. A workshop on Right to Information Act was being conducted at Chandwa in Jai Hind Pustakalaya. The workshop was conducted on 14th April’07. It was organized with the help of Citizen Foundation. Deputy Commissioner Mr. Manish Ranjan along with the CEO of Abhijeet Group Mr. Arun Gupta had participated in the workshop.
2 Jharkhand Stahpna Diwas. The group has celebrated the Jharkahnd Stahpna Diwas in Chadwa and Balumath. On this occasion group had organized sports, painting, cultural activities and quiz competition in all the schools at block level in Chandwa and Balumath.
3 Socio-Economic Survey. The NGO Citizen Foundation has been appointed for survey of the 20 villages of project and surrounding area.
4 Painting Competetion of the physically challenged students. Two painting competitions were organized at Chandwa and Balumath. All the participants were supported by the Group and support was in the form of Mosquito-net, educational materials etc.
5 Blind Prevention Training. A training programme on blind prevention was done at Chandwa and Balumath. Ophthalmic assistant Mr. Rajesh Kumar had trained the school teachers of Chandwa and Balumath for blind prevention in the school children.
6 Road Safety. From Chandwa to Balumath 44 road safety sign boards were installed to aware the public about the accidents in the area. The road barriers were provided to the Chandwa and Balumath for controlling the traffic.
7 SHG training. The construction of SHG at 5 villages was initiated by the group and the training on the SHG development was given to them.
8 Distribution of the sport goods. Four groups are given the football kits in Chakla, Nagar, Balumath and Navatoli villages.
9 Support to the local villagers.The villagers of the Baluamth are supported financially for the various emergency as they asked for the help. This include:
  a) The father of the boy who was victimized by a psycho-killer at Kusumtoli in Chandwa.
b) The family of the lady died because of snake biting was supported for cremation in Hempur at Balumath.
c) The heirs were financially supported whose parents burned and died at Murgaon at Balumath.
10 Distribution of the articles. The handicapped children of various schools of Chandwa and Balumath were distributed the articles which included Mosquito-net, educational materials etc.
11 Celebration of 150th Anniversary of 1857 revolt. An exhibition was organized at Latehar and it was fully sponsored by Group.
12 Free Water Facility at the BOT project site in (Karnataka):
13 Abhijeet Foundation has provided free water facility at the Dobbaspet Village.
14 Donation to Orphanages: Abhijeet Foundation has donated generously to many orphanages in Karnataka including the orphanages managed by Shri. Anjana Murthy, MLA, Hon’ble Minister for Housing of Govt. of Karnataka and Shri. Chennigappa, MLA Hon’ble Minister for Excise & Sericulture of Govt. of Karnataka.
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Social Upliftment
  "Committed to empower the communities in our project areas through continuous value creation in the areas of Education, Sustainable Livelihood, Healthcare, Social Upliftment, Infrastructure and Community Development and Environment"  
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