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  IFB NO. CIAL/Durgapur/001  

IFB NO. CIAL/Durgapur/001

25 MW Thermal Power Project at Durgapur in the State of West Bengal, India
Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited Ltd.,(here in after referred as ‘CIAL’) is setting up 25 MW Thermal Power Plant and invites sealed Bids from eligible bidders for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (hereinafter referred to as "EPC Contract") for

 Boiler and Turbine island package including auxiliaries, mandatory and recommended spares for their 25 MW Thermal Power Plant at Durgapur, in the State of West Bengal, India.



1. CIAL invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for above Supply and Erection required for 25 MW Thermal Power Project at Durgapur, in the State of West Bengal, India, as per the scope of work mentioned herein after.

2. Scope of Work: - The brief scope of Work is as under: The scope of work shall comprise of design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, testing at manufacturer's works, assembly, packing, forwarding, supply, delivery to site, loading, unloading, storage, erection, including civil and structural works, testing and Commissioning of Boiler and Turbine island package complete in all respect including transportation and transit insurance, spares, tools & tackles and PG Testing of above mentioned equipments. The same shall include but not limited to - Steam Generator and auxiliaries, Steam Turbine Generator and auxiliaries mandatory spares and maintenance equipment, installation, erection, supervision, testing on F.O.R. CIAL, Durgapur; site basis, arrangement of complete transit and project insurance, transportation of above equipment, port clearance, custom clearance (wherever applicable), statutory clearances till hand over to owner required within battery limit. It shall also include lighting, cabling, association of sub vendors if any in the supply; erection and commissioning of the Boiler and Turbine island package 25 MW Thermal Power Plant at Durgapur, in the State of West Bengal, India.

The Contract for Boiler and Turbine Generator island package shall be on Firm Price basis till complete execution. The Bidder may bid for whole BTG or Boiler / Turbine Generator separately.

The Bidder shall consider the Bidding documents in their entirety for a complete understanding and interpretation of the Work and shall submit a Bid that meets the complete requirements of the Bidding documents.

The above scope of work is indicative and the detailed scope of work is given in the Technical Specification of the bidding documents which are available for inspection and sale as stated herein.

Time for completion: The Contract shall complete in all respects for commercial operation with in 18 months from the date of issue of LOI:

3. CIAL intends to finance the Thermal Power Project through its Own Sources /Borrowings.

4. Detailed Specifications and Scope of Work is listed in the Bidding Documents, which are available for inspection and sale at the address given below and in accordance with the following schedule:

Bidding Document No.

CIAL/Durgapur/001 dtd. 18.09.2006

Document Sale Date & Timing

From 03.10.2006 to 18.10.2006 From 10.00 hrs. (IST) to 17.00 hrs (IST)

Pre-bid conference

On 21.10.2006 at 15.00 Hrs. (IST)

Bid Receipt Date & Time

Upto 30.11.2006 by 11.00 hrs. (IST)

Bid Opening Date & Time

30.11.2006 at 15.00 hrs. (IST)

Cost of Bidding Documents

Non Refundable fee of INR 5,000/- per set for Indian Bidders and US $ 125 per set for Foreign Bidders payable by way of Demand Draft drawn in favor of Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited payable at Ranchi, India


5. All bids must be accompanied by Bid Security for an amount equivalent to INR 5 Lakhs, either in bid currency or in equivalent US Dollars in the form of Bank Guarantee as per the Proforma of Bid Guarantee attached in Section-I, Conditions of Contract of Bid documents. If the Bid Price is quoted in more than one currency, the Bid Security shall be in US Dollars. Bids not accompanied by the requisite Bid Security as above in a separate sealed envelope or bids accompanied by the Bid Security of inadequate value shall not be entertained and in such cases, bids shall be returned to the Bidders without being opened

6. Benefits/Exemptions: CIAL shall approach the concerned departments of the Government of India for benefits/ exemption under several schemes for such thermal power projects, if any. Accordingly, supplies of goods for this package will be eligible for benefits/ exemptions as per provisions of relevant notifications of the Government of India, if any.

7. Qualifying requirement for Bidders: In addition to the requirement stipulated in Section - Instruction to Bidders (ITB), the Bidder should also meet the qualifying requirement stipulated hereunder:

A) The Bidder shall have adequate financial resources to undertake such projects and in no case its net worth, as at the last day of the preceding financial year shall be less than INR 100 Million. The same shall be supported by audited balance sheet of the preceding year.


B) In case of Bidder, not having net worth as specified in this clause shall provide firm commitment from its bankers/investors, by way of a letter, committing at least INR 100 Million in favour of the Bidder towards undertaking this EPC Contract.

C) The average turnover of the Bidder in the preceding three financial years (2003 - 2004, 2004 - 2005 & 2005 - 2006) should not be less than INR 1000 Million at the time of Bid opening. If the average turnover of the Bidder in the preceding three financial years is less than INR 1000 Million at the time of Bid opening, the Bidder is qualified subject to the condition that his Principle will provide a joint undertaking of successful execution of this project.
Bidder shall mean to include its Associates and Affiliates.
INR means the national currency of the Republic of India.
Net Worth means the sum total of paid up share capital and free reserves reduced by any debit balance of the Profit & Loss account and miscellaneous expenditure not written off.
Free Reserves under shall not include reserves created from re-valuation of assets, write back of depreciation provisions and amalgamations.
Other Income shall not be considered for arriving at annual turnover. In case of Bids in other currencies other than INR, exchange rates seven (7) days prior to date of opening of Bids shall be used

  1. A Pre-bid meeting will be held in the office of CIAL at 901, Mahabir Towers, Main Road, Ranchi, India on 10.03.2007 to clarify the bidders regarding queries related to the exact scope of work, technical specification of the equipments and any other issue related to the bid as such.
  2. CIAL reserves the right to reject any or all of the Bids or cancel/ withdraw the Invitation for bidding without assigning reasons and in such a case no Bidder/ Intending Bidder shall have any claims arising out of such action.
  3. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased by any interested Bidder on submission of written application and a non refundable payment for amount as mentioned in Clause 4 of this IFB in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited payable at Nagpur-India, on all working days as per schedule given at clause 4 above. Issuance of Bid Documents shall not be construed that such Bidders is considered to be qualified.
  4. Bids prepared in English only shall be accepted.
  5. All Bids under this Invitation for Bids shall be sent to the following address and the Bids shall be opened at the same venue, in the presence of representatives of the Bidders as per schedule given in clause 4 above:

The CEO,
Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited;
8th & 9th Mahabir Towers; Main Road,
Ranchi, India.

Tel. No.           : +91 651 2331113-19 (Board)
Fax No.           : +91 651 2331109
E-mail              :

  1. The prospective Bidders are requested to review the website of Abhijeet Group, time to time to update itself regarding any changes in the Bid and any procedure relating to this Bid.
  2. The venue will remain same for all the activities i.e. Office of Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited., 8th & 9th Floor, Mahabir Tower, Main Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

For any further details, may please contact either of the following:


The CEO,

Mr.Praveen Chavda, (Sr. Manager -Coml.)

Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited8th & 9th Floor, Mahabir Tower, Main Road,Ranchi - 834 001, Jharkhand, India.Tel. No. : +91 651 2331113 - 16Fax : +91 651 2331109

Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited
8th & 9th Floor, Mahabir Tower, Main Road,
Ranchi - 834 001, Jharkhand, India.
Tel. No. : +91 651 2331113 - 16

Fax : +91 651 2331109

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