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(International Competitive Bidding)

.: AGPSA/CCPP/ICB/EPC/001                                                                                             Dated 24th April 2012

AGPSA invites sealed bids from eligible bidders on EPC basis for the complete project of 218 MW for Combined Cycle Power Project being executed by AGPSA, at GSEZ Nkok, Libreville, Gabon.

Abhijeet Gabon Power S.A. is setting up a 218 MW Combined Cycle Power Project and invites sealed Bids from eligible bidders for Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, erection, testing and successful commercial operation (hereinafter referred to as "EPC Contract") including mandatory and recommended spares for their Combined Cycle Power Project at GSEZ Nkok, Libreville, Gabon for supply and erection and commissioning equipment required for 218 MW Combined Cycle Power Project shall includes but not limited to – Gas Turbine Generator and auxiliaries, HRSG and auxiliaries, Steam Turbine Generator and auxiliaries Raw Water Pumps & Pipelines, Fuel Oil Handling System, Circulating Cooling Water & Auxiliary Cooling Water Piping & Pumps, Fire Protection & Detection System, Air conditioning & Ventilation System, Compressed Air System, Miscellaneous Pumps, EOT Cranes, Miscellaneous Cranes, Hoists & Elevators, GT, Unit & Station Auxiliary Transformers, LT Transformers, HT & LT Switchgear, MCC and Bus Duct, DC system, HT, LT and C&I Power Cable, Switchyard, Electrical Installation, Erection packages, Plant Communication System, RCC Foundation, Civil Architectural & Structural work, Reservoir, Pump house, Effluent Handling System, DG Set, Stop log gate & Screen, Equipment for construction power, Various lab equipment, Miscellaneous C&I packages, Butterfly Valves, Expansion Joints, mandatory spares and maintenance equipment, installation, erection, supervision, testing on D.D.P. (Incoterms – 2010) site basis, arrangement of transportation of above equipment, port clearance, custom clearance (wherever applicable), statutory clearances till hand over to owner required within battery limit.

The Bidder shall consider the Bidding documents in their entirety for a complete understanding and interpretation of the Work and shall submit a Bid that meets the complete requirements of the Bidding documents.

The above scope of work is indicative and the detailed scope of work is given in the Technical Specification of the bidding documents which are available for inspection and sale as stated herein.

The Contract for EPC package shall be on Firm Price basis till complete execution.
Time for completion of the EPC Contract in all respects for Commercial Operation will be 24 months from the date of Notice to Proceed (as defined in GCC).


The entire bidding process will be in consonance with the Standard Bidding Procedure adopted by international donor agencies and is open to all eligible source countries as per international bidding norms.


All interested and eligible bidders are requested to contact the following address for obtaining the Detailed Specifications and Scope of Work listed in the Bidding Documents, which are available for inspection and sale in accordance with the following schedule:

Mr. Sanjay Dey,
Country Head- Gabon
Parcelle No 436,
Section C, LA LA LA,
Libreville, Gabon.
Mob. No. +241 04515100
E-mail ID:
or Mr. Gilles Mob. No. +241 07636536

AGPSA have envisaged following schedule for Submission of Bids:

Bidding Document No.


Document Sale Date & Timing

24.04.2012 to 08.05.2012 from 10:00 hrs to 17.00 hrs.

Last date for Pre-bid queries

14.05.2012 by 17:00hrs

Pre-Bid conference Date, Time & Venue

21.05.2012 at 11:00 hrs.  at Parcelle No 436, Section C, LA LA LA, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa

Last date of Bid Receipt with Time & Venue

11.06.2012 by 14:00 hrs. at Parcelle No 436, Section C, LA LA LA, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa

Bid Opening Date, Time & Venue

12.06.2012  at 15:00 hrs. at Parcelle No 436, Section C, LA LA LA, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa

Cost of Bidding Documents

 € 200 (EURO Two Hundred only), Non-refundable

Bidding Documents Payment Process

Amount to be remitted in Abhijeet Gabon Power S.A., ZES Nkok Account:

 A/c. No.: 80100300076,


Bank Name: United Bank of Africa, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa.

Its Acknowledgement is to be sent to Country Head for reference & sending Tender Document Soft Copy through E-mail.

Bid Security

Not Applicable



Bids will be opened in the presence of bidder’s representative(s) who choose to attend the bid opening on 12.06.2012 at 15:00 hrs. at Parcelle No 436, Section C, LA LA LA, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa.


Qualifying requirement, benefits / exemptions: AGPSA shall approach the concerned departments of the Government of Gabon for benefits/exemption under several schemes for Unit located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) area. Accordingly, supplies of goods for this package will be eligible for benefits/ exemptions from Taxes & Duties as per provisions of relevant notifications of the Government of Gabon.



In addition to the qualifying requirement of Bidders indicated in ITB, the Bidder should also meet the qualifying requirements stipulated hereunder:

A. Financial requirements
The bidding company/ any member of the consortium shall have turnover of 30 Million Euro per annum for the financial year immediately preceding the bid submission date. The average turnover of the bidding company/ any member of the consortium during the last two financial years preceding the bid submission date should not be less than 23 Million Euro. The bidder shall be required to provide a certificate stating the annual turnover as required herein duly certified by its statutory auditor.
Note : For the purpose of computation of Turnover, the exchange rates for the conversion of currency into EURO, shall be the exchange rate published on Reuters website ( 7 (seven) days prior to the bid submission date.

B. Technical requirements

The bidding/ any member of the consortium is:

i. a manufacturer, who regularly manufactures conventional thermal power plant equipment (boiler, turbine or generator) of capacities 50 MW & higher rating of single unit and at least one (1) such equipment is in successful operation for a period not less than 7000 hours as on the date seven (7) days prior to the bid submission date and undertakes the type of works specified and has adequate technical knowledge and relevant experience with requisite engineering and infrastructure for project management and execution.


An EPC Contractor who has experience in engineering, procurement and commissioning of at least one 50 MW or higher capacity single unit conventional thermal power plant and such thermal power plant is in successful operation for a period of not less than 7000 hours as on date seven (7) days prior to the bid submission date.

ii. has an adequate project management expertise capable of executing at least one project under consideration of capacity 50 MW of single unit or higher rating as on date seven (7) days prior to the bid submission date, covering the areas related to engineering of equipment/ systems, interface engineering, procurement of equipment and the necessary field services required for successful construction, testing and commissioning of all the power plant equipment and systems covered in the scope of work under this document and has established quality assurance systems and organization designed to achieve high levels of equipment performance / system reliability both during his manufacturing and / or fabrication and field installation activities.

The bidder is required to submit, along with its bid, a certificate issued by the plant manager as the documentary evidence for the above stated technical requirements.

The bidding company or a consortium member can take 100% benefit of the technical and financial credentials (mentioned above at 5.0.0 A & B respectively) of its Parent or its Affiliates for the purpose of meeting the qualification requirement and bid evaluation. The bidding company or the consortium member shall have to provide a certificate, duly certified by the Company Secretary and one of the Directors of the bidding company/ consortium member, stating the exact relationship with such Parent/ Affiliate including exact details about the equity shareholding.

[‘Parent’ shall mean a company which holds at least 26% equity directly or indirectly in the bidding company or in the member in a bidding consortium;

‘Affiliate’ shall mean a company that, directly or indirectly, (i) controls, or (ii) is controlled by, or (iii) is under common control with, a bidding company or a member in a biding consortium and control means ownership by one company of at least 26% (twenty six percent) of the voting rights of the other company.]

C. Declaration of Undertaking

The Bidder shall especially note:

The parties involved in the awarding procedure emphasise the importance of free, fair and competitive process that precludes abuse. In this respect AGPSA has not offered or granted any inadmissible advantages either directly or indirectly to public servants or other persons, nor shall it offer or grant any such incentives or rewards in the present awarding procedure or, in case of an award, during subsequent execution of the agreement.

The Bidder shall inform its employees of their respective duties and their commitment to observe this self-imposed obligation to abide by the laws of the Republic of Gabon.



Bidders are requested to refer Technical Specification for the same.


Bidder/sub-vendor for erection and/or commissioning of the plant (to be engaged for this project) should have experience in erection and/or commissioning (as the case may be) of at least one (1) No. 50MW Conventional Thermal Power Plant, or above capacity which are in successful operation for a period of not less than one (1) year as on the date 7 (seven) days prior to bid submission date. The Bidder with specified Experience shall be preferred.

8.0 A Pre-bid meeting will be held at Parcelle No 436, Section C, LA LA LA, Libreville, Gabon, West Africa as scheduled above to clarify the bidders regarding queries related to the exact scope of work, technical specification of the equipments and any other issue related to the bid as such.

9.0. AGPSA reserves the right to reject any or all of the Bids or cancel/withdraw the Invitation for Bidding without assigning reasons and in such a case no Bidder/Intending Bidder shall have any claims arising out of such action.

10.0 Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Employer reserves the right to assess the capabilities and capacity of the bidder/his collaborators/licenser/his sub-contractors to perform the contract, should the circumstances warrant such assessment in the overall interest of the Employer.

11.0 Issuance of Bid Documents shall not be construed that such Bidders is considered to be qualified.

12.0 Bids prepared in English Language only shall be accepted.

13.0 The prospective Bidders are requested to review the website of Abhijeet Group from time to time to update itself regarding any changes in the Bid and any procedure relating to this Bid.


CORRIGENDUM – II bid submission date extended ( Closing Date 17,July 2012 )

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