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The word 'Abhijeet' has an Indian origin meaning 'Conquerer'. It denotes one who is victorious in his mission. We are a group who is emerging as a  global leader by continuous creation of value for our stakeholders and society at large.
The Abhijeet Logo symbolizes our organisational pride and represents the values and aspirations of the Abhijeet family.It is a  tricolor wheel of orange,), blue and green  in equal proportions followed by our name  'Abhijeet' with 'A' pointing as an upward arrow with a red dot on it.

The vertical arrow 'A' depicts the vision, desire and spirit of Abhijeet to grow exponentially and become a global leader. The dot on 'A' shows that we are a goal oriented organization focused to achieve our vision. The tricolour wheel denotes the motion and momentum  being given by us for translating  our vision into action. It depicts Abhijeet's dynamism and commitment towards continuous growth and value creation.  We at Abhijeet believe that 'Whatever we can Conceive & Believe, we can Achieve.'

The Red colour on the dot denotes power, energy, strength and speed. It reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Abhijeet and the agility with which we proactively seek opportunities and respond to the dynamic changes. Red attracts good luck and thus  a dot of red on 'A' is very effective in bringing in good spirit for Abhijeet and its stakeholders.

Green denotes growth and prosperity. It reflects our commitment of growing and emerging as a global leader.  Green is a colour of nature and life.  It affirms our relation to the soil thereby strengthening and deepening our roots with the ground realities and connecting us with our values and fundamentals.  We at Abhijeet believe that 'Trees that grow the tallest and can withstand the strongest storm is the one with the deepest roots.'

Blue symbolizes  trust and loyalty. It shows the commitment and trust of Abhijeet in its people and stakeholders at large and vice versa. We at Abhijeet believe that when we trust people until they prove themselves unworthy of that trust, we enjoy high trust dividends in terms of increased speed, enriched commitment and greater ownership. Blue also depicts the vastness and depth of an ocean, thereby affirming our motto 'Vision Unlimited'. It further depicts the profoundness and intensity of our knowledge to achieve our Unlimited Vision.

Orange signifies ambition, objectivity and fairness. It shows our commitment and dedication  towards our  work. We at Abhijeet work synergistically by going beyond personal interests for the achievement of  the organizational goals. 

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