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From dreams to a reality
From a vision to Growth
The transmutation has taken place…………
Now we are stronger, more ambitious and more ENERGIZED.

From a group with unlimited vision and many dreams, we are now a conglomerate with infinite growth opportunities and the credit of this goes to each abhijeetian; who fueled the Group with hard work and dedication.

Now as all our projects are rolling off and we are at the stage where we need high energy to execute our dreams, we have created a new identity. Our new logo will give us the required energy that will translate all our vision into growth opportunity – ‘Abhijeet’ will now be recognized world-wide from its new identity – Three ‘energy’ angles directed towards each world, with shreeyantra at the centre.

We aspire to achieve infinite growth through continuous efforts. Our Logo gives us the required power to realize our vision which is beyond limitations and achieve infinite growth. The shreeyantra; which is the source of supreme energy to the entire universe, emits high energy for Abhijeetians and propels us to move in all three directions as symbolized by the tri-color angles; ensuring that the world becomes our domain we outshine our present achievements each time. Our energy will surely make us shine like a superstar in the infinite skies.

The Red arrow going upwards denotes Power, Energy, Strength and Speed. It reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Abhijeet and the agility with which we proactively seek opportunities and respond to the dynamic changes.

Green arrow denotes Growth and Prosperity. It reflects our commitment of growing and emerging as a global leader. Green is a color of nature and life.  It affirms our relation to the soil thereby strengthening and deepening our roots with the ground realities and connecting us with our Values and Fundamentals.  We at Abhijeet believe that ‘Trees that grow the tallest and can withstand the strongest storm are the one with the deepest roots’. This arrow symbolizes our strong base of values, experience and potential.

Yellow arrow signifies Ambition, Objectivity and Fairness. It shows our commitment and dedication towards work. We at Abhijeet work synergistically by going beyond personal interests for the achievement of the organizational goals.

‘Abhijeet’ written in Blue, symbolizes Trust and Loyalty. It shows the commitment and trust of Abhijeet in its people and stakeholders at large and vice versa. We at Abhijeet believe that when we trust people, we enjoy high trust dividends in terms of increased speed, enriched commitment and greater ownership. Blue also depicts the vastness and depth and aggressiveness of an ocean, thereby affirming our motto ‘Vision Unlimited - Growth infinite’. It further depicts the profoundness and intensity of our knowledge to achieve our Vision.

The angles are in perfect symmetry indicating towards the Group’s consistent growth in all sectors and spheres. The two small ‘fast track’ arrows in the tag line indicate our pro-active approach in indentifying opportunities and taking up them to achieve infinite growth.


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